brits send a billiom txt messages a week


Apparently, British citizens are one of the worlds heaviest users of SMS technology.
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Approximately one billion SMS messages are sent every week. This represents a twenty five percent increase from 2006.The ease of use of text messaging, coupled with its exceedingly cheap rate make it an excellent choice for people who need to communicate in real time.


Worldtracker SMS


Imagine owning a device that works as a tracking device and sends SMS messages to your phone, giving you its exact location and the route it passed. Imagine it small enough to fit the palm of your hand. Imagine the infinite uses this device. The product uses SiRF Star III technology, has a WASS enabled receiver, and uses 3D mapping technology from Google. At almost $40 dollars a month for a plan with a limit of 300 text messages, the fancy device doesn't come cheap. For those who want unlimited SMS messages, Worldtracker offers a plan worth $60.